Dunn&Co a company committed to providing high quality training and consultancy support to your service.

Dunn&Co is a Training and Consultancy Company providing a wide range of general training but also specialising in the delivery of Bereavement Service and Parks and Green Space operation and management. We also have the capability to deliver a wide range of consultancy work in other sectors, providing a range of design, operational, management, HR and environmental consultancy as required by our clients.

Dunn&Co can meet all the needs of our clients using the experience of our own staff and using arrangements that are in place with associate consultants/trainers, where specialist services are required.

The company has all the necessary professional indemnity, employment liability and public liability insurance and provides high quality consultative services, accredited manual handling training and other training certificated and equivalent to current industry standards. The company is committed to quality, with its own quality policy.