Dunn&Co provide the widest range of training currently available for bereavement service and green space operations and management. All training ranges from attendance certification, through to full competency accreditation. Feedback is generally supplied to allow you to assess the value of the training to your staff. 

All training is carried out by City and Guilds A1 and NPTC accredited assessors.

Training can be provided on your own site or at sites operated with partnering authorities and colleges.


Below are all the bereavement training workshops/courses run by Dunn&Co, if you are interested in any of these just call on 0144 348 6405 or e-mail rondunn.co@btinternet.com and training can be arranged. If you would like more detail on any of the workshops then click on the downloads below for a detailed outline of each workshop. 



Management and General Workshops:


Conservation Management         A1 Download

Customer Care                          A2 Download

Dealing with Difficult Situations   A3 Download

Introduction to Cemetery & Crematorium Management (In depth 3 days) A4 Download

Introduction to Cemetery & Crematorium Management (Overview 2 days) A5 Download

Leadership Programme (3 days) A6 Download

Manual Handling                       A7 Download

Preparing a Management Plan   A8 Download

Preparing a Service Development Plan     A9 Download

Public Health Funerals                           A10 Download

Quality Management and Documentation A11 Download

Risk Management                    A12 Download

Teambuilding - Service             A13 Download

Teambuilding -LGR                  A14 Download

Business Continuity Planning

Excess Deaths Plan - Cemeteries and Crematoria

Excess Deaths Plan - Emergency Planning Teams

Supporting Volunteers and Friends Groups

Caring for the Environment and Cutting Costs


Burial Ground Workshops:


Exhumation  -  standard, pandemic and reuse                  B1 Download

Introduction to Cemetery Management (In Depth - 2 days) B2 Download

Introduction to Cemetery Management (Overview - 1 day)  B3 Download

LOLER                                          B4 Download

LOLER (Refresher)                         B5 Download

Safety in the Burial Process (3 day) B6 Download

Safety in the Burial Process (2 day) B7 Download

Safety in the Burial Process (1day)  B8 Download

Managing Safety in the Burial Process (3 days) B9 Download

Memorial Safety - MoJ Guidance 2009              B10 Download

Memorial Installation and Repair                       B11 Download

Understanding the NAMM Code - Supervising Memorial Masons B12 Download

Cemetery Operations and Management            B13 Download

Sexton/Cemetery Foreman Responsibilities      B14 Download

Safe Use of Mowers                       B15 Download


Crematorium Workshops


Guide to Cremation Regulations 2008

Crematorium Technicians Refresher Training                        C2 Download

Introduction to Crematorium Management (In depth - 2 days) C3 Download

Introduction to Crematorium Management (Overview - 1 day)  C4 Download

Disposal of Metals Update                                                  C5 Downloads