Dunn&Co offers a wide range of Consultancy Services

Dunn&Co is a Training and Consultancy company providing a wide range of consultancy for  Bereavement Services and Parks and Green Spaces operation and management. We also have the capability to work in other sectors to provide a range of design, operational, management and environmental support and consultancy as required by its clients.

We can meet all the needs of our clients using our experience in the industry and by having arrangements in place to utilise associate consultants where specialist services are required. If you have a problem that needs solved Dunn&Co will be able to help.

We have all the necessary professional indemnity, employment liability and public liability insurance and provide high quality consultative services, in conjunction with associate designers, architects and environmental specialists. All work is to current industry standards. We are committed to quality and equality, with our own policies, and supporting quality procedures, thus ensuring high standards of service to our clients.

Recent consultancy work:  

·        Provision of design and project management support for new cemetery and cemetery extension sites

·        Provision of support on preparation of tender documentation, technical specifications and project management for mercury abatement projects

·        Provision of interim management support

·        Provision of cremator technician support

·        Memorial inspection works

·        Provision of memorial safety policies and support

·        Provision of advice on best use of existing burial areas

·        Provision of support for Burial Strategy, including reuse options

·        Provision of support for review of bereavement services provision

·        Provision of statutory plans for burial grounds

·        Provision of advice on new care standards

·        Provision of induction pack to major care provider

·        Support to providers on grievance and disciplinary processes